Ghost Writing

What exactly is a ghostwriter?

By definition, a ghostwriter is a person who writes for another who is then credited with authorship. In other words, the ghostwriter does all the work and you get all the credit. No one ever has to know you didn't write the material yourself, hence the use of the term "ghost" in ghostwriter.

How does the service work?

• You contact us about what you're trying to produce.

• We provide an estimate of the time and cost are involved. A book is usually completed within four months of the start date, but this depends in part on your availability and certainly depends on length and complexity.

• You provide us with your story or ideas and a 2-3 pages sample of your writings, draft or outline (electronically).

• The ghost writer will produce a custom sample for you to consider before you ever invest in our work. There is no obligation.

• You will get a precise quote with this sample so you know exactly what your final investment will be.

• If you love the sample and want to begin the project, you make a deposit of 25% of the project cost. This is a non-refundable deposit, since our work is based on your approval of work we've already done.

• We start writing and send you chapters for approval along the way. You are welcome to request any number of revisions along the way.
Revisions are included.

•The ONLY time revisions become an additional cost is if you ask for them after approving, because revisions after approval can affect everything written afterwards!

• When we are roughly halfway through the book, we request another 50% deposit. On receipt of payment, we continue as above.

• When you are 100% delighted with the final book, we request the final payment on the book.

• If you are not self-publishing, we can recommend agents and publishers. All you need to do is print, sign, and send your manuscript.

• If you are self-publishing, we can offer a guidance.

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