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In this issue, you’ll get to know:
• How to secure your customers’ retail business to prevent losses
• A success story of an IP surveillance deployment
• Where to obtain collaterals on featured solution
• What’s available for firmware updates
Many growing retail businesses experience losses regularly, not because the business is not doing well, but because of shrinkage. Shrinkage is the difference between book inventory and physical inventory count. Discrepancies between physical stock and recorded inventory stock can be costly! Your retail customers need to go beyond just closing sales to increase profits and look into loss prevention as well.

According to a recent survey by the National Retail Security in June 2010, total retail losses cost retailers US$33.5 billion last year. The majority of retail shrinkage last year was due to employee theft at $14.4 billion, accounting for 43 percent of total losses. Retailers lost $11.7 billion to shoplifting, which is 35 percent of total losses. Other losses included administrative error ($4.9 billion and 14.5% of shrinkage) and fraud ($1.3 billion and 3.8% of shrinkage).

You can now help your retail customers contain some of their losses by solving shrinkage problem of internal theft, shoplifting, point of sales (POS) recording error and more with D-Link IP Surveillance solution.

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Whether your retail customers are starting from scratch, extending an existing IP network or upgrading from a CCTV solution, D-Link IP Surveillance solutions can meet their business requirements and help them achieve maximum value with minimum resource.

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DCS-5605/DCS-5636 Wired & Wireless Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras
DCS-5635 is a professional IP surveillance solution to help you connect your network to provide high-quality live video over the Internet. This camera apparatus supports precise pan/tilt/zoom functionality and is suitable for installation at retail stores to monitor and track theft and shoplifting.


D-Link IP Surveillance: Transiting from Analog to Digital

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D-Link Provides Cutting-Edge ‘Connected and Secure’ Solutions to The Green Box
New Firmware Release for DWL-3200AP

DWL-3200AP firmware version 2.55 now includes:

• [SNMP] Reveal/Set the login username and password for telnet/WEB via SNMP

• [F/W] Enable/Disable the Web Management via CLI

• Add internal station connection by SSID

• Support DosKey (compatible with PUTTY in Linux/Windows OS)
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