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Established in 2004, EdVenture Communications is a business venture founded by Edmond Ng in collaboration with a network of freelancers to provide an extensive range of editorial and writing services. EdVenComm.Net stands for Edmond's venture in communications services with network of freelancers.


With more than twenty years of professional experience in various industries, the founder possesses competencies in journalism and writing, marketing and corporate communications, social networking, content management, information technology, contact liaising, public and media relations, teaching, project management, and more. He also possesses good communication and interpersonal skills, with flair for technical and journalistic writing, creative work, desktop publishing, graphic designing, web authoring, teamwork, and mass communication.

Credentials and Achievements:

  • Experienced in writing for the press, newspapers, magazines and corporate newsletters, with skills including journalism, content management, social networking, creative art and graphic design layout, and more

  • Good interpersonal and communication (verbal and written) skills, with creativity and experience in customer handling, public / press relations, journalism and public presentation, including managing a non-profit organisation's publicity and activities

  • Experienced in coordinating activities for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows and corporate events, including liaising with vendors, sponsors, customers and audiences

  • Organised, coordinated and led a team of mass communications students for a field trip visit to a local TV station (view Media Release)

  • Strong management, organisational and computer skills, including web authoring, desktop publishing, editorial contributions, marketing collaterals production

  • Ability to handle responsibilities relating to public relations, press journalism and marketing communications

  • Strong motivational interest in creative work and mass communications

  • Familiar with numerous software, including PageMaker, PhotoShop, Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Acrobat, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver, 3DsMAX, GIF Construction, ePublishing, graphical sharewares and others

  • Trained in project management practices and experienced in managing projects, inclcuding customer support, planning, resource monitoring, time management, team members skills profiling and training

  • Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Experience in providing training in educational institutions, commercial schools, and customised courses, both locally and overseas

  • Good presentation skills and experience in public speaking at seminars, conferences, exhibitions, technical forums, university talks and user groups' presentations

  • Familiar with web content providing and HTML, including writing articles for the web (view My Websites for samples)

  • Published article in NLB book entitled "Home to Writers' Circle" (2004) in Moments in Time: Memories of the National Library

  • Experience in writing articles for magazines, newsletters, and newspapers, including BiZQ, Education, ComputerTimes, Windows Asia, Software Asia, ACW, ComputerWorld, Home, and is a current member of the WritersNET

  • Expert author at EzineArticles

  • Elected as president of a non-profit organisation in the past and had served as judging committee for industry I.T. products evaluations during exhibitions

    Voluntary appointments:

  • 1996 - 1997: President, Singapore Microcomputer Society
  • 1995: Chairman, Computerisation User Group, Singapore Microcomputer Society
  • 1994: Public Relations, Singapore Microcomputer Society
  • 1994 - 1997: Freelance Journalist / Writer, Various IT Publishers (magazines, newsletters & newspapers)
  • 1983 - 1984: Secretary, Young Writers' Circle, National Library of Singapore

    For a complete resume / CV, please email your request to cv@edvencomm.net. Thank you.

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